27 May, 2010


So, there was this awesome sword....

Hahaha, I realized as I typed it - that is such a good way to begin a story. It'd have me hooked.

Anyways, there was this awesome sword. This dude, named King Arthur - was given Excalibur by the Lady in the Lake, or something. And then later there was another sword or something, and it got stuck in a stone, and only Arthur, the true king could remove it. Ok, so I guess that wasn't such a great story. But seriously, go read about English folklore, its amazing.

Also, remember that game Excalibur? You might have played it in "Primary School" or something, you use cards - and those cards have weapons on them - its kind of like a larger-group game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. One guy would have Excalibur on his card, and if you were unlucky enough to challenge that guy, you'd - I dunno "lose", or some shit. Its better if you just remember it.

Anyways, Excalibur.

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