20 August, 2010

Ghostbusters II

Hey man, so Ghostbusters.... except, number 2.

Its the sequel, but as deserving if not more deserving of its own shrine on here. Check it out: New York City has been Ghost-free for 5 years, ever since the Ghostbusters originally did battle with Gozer. After being sued by the city for property damage, the Ghostbusters are all "squeaking by" in various fields of employment. Egon is a laboratory scientist, Ray works in an Occult bookstore, Venkman hosts "World of the Psychic" on public access television, Winston works kids parties as a "Ghostbuster Entertainer". Dana (Sigourney Weaver) works at the Museum, restoring old paintings, including one particularly creepy portrait of seventeenth century tyrant "Vigo the Carpathian".

Anyways, things aren't looking good, and New Yorkers are only getting ruder and angrier. Meanwhile, the Ghostbusters' interest in all things demonic is revitalized, when Dana's baby Oscar is whisked away in his stroller by a mysterious presence. This, combined with the discovery of an enourmous river of slime below the city - signals the return of dark forces to NYC.

Now, i'll let you watch the rest for yourself, but this movie is so underrated. It plays out as a "love letter to New York City" and encourages you to believe in working together with your fellow man, loving life, and that "good vibes can save the world".

Here's something the Ghostbusters do at the climax of the movie:

Yep, they bring the Statue of Liberty to life, and walk it around the streets of NYC. Pow.

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