13 September, 2010

UFO Enthusiasts

I know I'm not the only one here, but I see UFO's as one of the more modern religions. I can see the appeal, too. Having a passion, or a belief that's so easily and readily discounted by the population, one that you truly commit to... Like... go ALL the way for, is just awesome. If we're being honest, is anyone who prays really praying to a more tangible/realistic/believable god than whatever this guy's got going on?

Ok so that guy was pretty great. Pretty harmless, too. This was from a show by Louis Theroux, a guy Luxury Wolf got me onto. Seriously, EVERYTHING Theroux did was amazing, but the video below could be the highlight.

In this episode, he travels into the Nevadan and Californian deserts, in search of evidence proving the existence of Extra-Terrestrial life. Here's Reverend Robert Short, one of the (best) guys (ever) Louis meets while visiting the "Blue Rose Ministry":

I know, right?

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