13 October, 2010


Mist, man. Water droplets suspended in the air are the shit. They add an overall dramatic mood, and the sense that "some dangerous thing can happen at any time" to any situation. Reducing the real world's draw-distance is a really funny and awesome thing to do. Mist. Here's another thing:

THE Mist. The. Anyone seen this movie? I love this fucking movie. It stars Tom Jane, which is always a plus (check out "Arrested Development" and "Boogie Nights" to see why Tom Jane is a fucking badass) - and tells the story of a group of small-town residents who get trapped in a supermarket, after the town becomes shrouded in a mysterious mist.

What follows is more or less the usual Stephen King fare, with mysterious monsters attacking the shop from outside, whilst the mist-hostages enter survival mode, and the story becomes an agorophobic "islotation thriller". The fear of the outside world, ruled by mist - keeps the group of around 50 generic townspeople trapped in the shop, where they are left to form not only their own society, but also strategies and methods of escape.

Obviously, they cannot all agree - and the mini-civilization within the supermarket begins to crumble. The superstitious and religious townsfolk believe that god will save them, while the level-headed Tom Jane and his neighbours and friends, decide they have the know-how to get out of this alive.

Sure. That might've sounded pretty crap, but the real stylishness of this movie really is how simple it is. Monsters outside = don't go outside. Town shrouded in mist = nobody knows where to run. Simple.

But seriously. The phenomenon of "Mist" is great and all, but See this movie, if only for the ending. The ending of this movie will make you Blow. A. Cow.

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