01 August, 2011

Total Badasses: Kiss

Kiss, man. Such a fucking powerful musical force. The greatest American theatrical-rock band of all time. Starchild. Demon. Spaceman. Catman. KISS!

What I love about Kiss is their schtick is what got them over with fans. Not so much their (admittedly pretty amazing at times) pop sensibility or musicianship, its the whole fucking gimmick. Its incredible. They're more of a disco band than a metal band. They're more "Queen" than "Sabbath". What they are is the all-powerful essence of live musical pageantry.

So, Kiss. They're badasses. Doing their own thing and basically kicking pure ass despite never increasing in relevance. But never decreasing, either. Just nailing the verse, nailing the chorus, and genuinely just being Kiss. KISS!

Check out this sweet, sweet, epic disco jam. Not metal. Totally underrated guitar solo, too.

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