25 February, 2012

Total Badasses: Ganon

I'm not even a Zelda guy. That's the fucked up thing. Although I might be soon, after hearing a little about old mate Ganon (also known as Ganondorf). The king of evil.

Ganondorf is the embodiment of a demon called Ganon, an all powerful warlord with aspirations for domination of Hyrule. Usually, this includes capturing Princess Zelda, acquiring the Triforce of Power, and generally/ultimately being thwarted by Link (duh). Lots of cool shit going on, all over the place. Ganon appears in plenty of different forms, too! So he's a pretty cool badass as he stands above, but here's Phantom Ganon, on a horse. Horse!

Dick with this:

And one more for good luck, Ganon the Demon-Pig Behemoth!:

Think twice before crossing paths with this motherfucker, that's for sure. He'll get ya good.

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