11 July, 2011

"The Captain's Table"

Imagine being invited to dine at the Captain's table....

It would be so awesome, even if you were on some sort of dinky cruise ship, you'd totally love it. Just like pilots, Ship Captains (of ships that are big and nice and don't smell bad) are just a wicked different class of dudes. And I'm all about class, obviously. So yeah, sit down with the Captain during the ship's "Maiden Voyage"... also awesome... and just tuck in to the "catch of the day". Fuck, Sea imagery is so spot on, man.

Also this: Apparently Sea Captains have never, at any point ever been able to legally perform weddings. What the fuck? That's totally a older-than-time myth. Not only that, but the rules and regulations actually state that a Captain should specifically NOT attempt to perform a marriage at sea. Which is hilarious, because it suggests that some captains have been a bit "caught up in the moment" and given it a go. :)

Tonight's research really did crush my hopes and dreams of being a Wedding-cruise operator. Oh well, drawing board ahoy!

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