08 January, 2011

Mass Extinction!

OK, so here it is. Actually the most terrifying thing I've ever heard of. And I mean it this time. Mass motherfucking extinction. Watch out for it.

The K-T event, or "Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction" event - is the most widely recognized occurrence of mass extinction in Earth's history. 75% of all species (all the god-damn Dinosaurs) on the planet were wiped out over the course of... well, a relatively short period of time. Most fossil records seem to point to some sort of rapid geological event, which hit Earth's "reset button" and left the Birds and Mammals to thrive in the new age.

My best bet is that it all happened because of some sort of crazy space rock, falling to Earth and completely fucking everyone up. There's a nicely placed 1.6km deep "smash hole" in the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico, with Shocked Quartz in the rock bed. Could be the best clue. That's all I'm saying.

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