04 January, 2011

World Tree

Happy new year, folks! I spent mine in Glenworth Valley, an amazingly beautiful piece of Australian countryside, with a pretty magical forest landscape. Plus, it had a really amazing sky. Being outside of the city at night is one of the best things you can do. We saw about 100 shooting stars, it was crazy.

Anyways, bringing in the New Year with the ghost Luxury Wolf, we had one of the most amazing conversations I've ever been a part of. Here's the skinny:

"Imagine there was this ENOURMOUS cosmic tree. One that spans the entire universe. It sits in the middle and its branches reach out into every corner of the universe. Now imagine if each planet, star, sun & heavenly body in the cosmos is a FRUIT from this tree."

*pause for mind explosion*

This is the greatest off-the-cuff conceptualization of the universe I think I've ever heard. I would worship the FUCK out of that tree, man. It has it all. Seems like we one day will end up writing our own religion, since I'm already more convinced this is true. More convinced than I am about Jesus and every other major religion in the world. Bam.

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