05 April, 2010

First Impressions

So I have this friend, and his name is Luxury Wolf. We've known each other for years, and I have a story that I still think back on very fondly, from our time as drunken youths. Here's the story.

So basically, we're all invited to this party. The party is being held at a marina, for some reason - so we're all out on this lovely seaside dock kind of place, sitting around the table drinking beer, eating chips... you know.. a party! Luxury is sitting next to me, and our group of friends is meeting a lot of great new people, I guess - in the hopes of increasing the size of the friendship group.

Luxury quickly drinks too much - and starts "going to town" on the cheese and crackers which are sitting on the table in front of us - I'm next to him, chatting to some people who would later become quite close friends of ours. In no small part a result of what Luxury is CONTINUALLY yelling, whenever he replenishes his cracker with some more delicious brie.


Every time! - he just keeps yelling it, and yelling it.... Calling everyone at the party he doesn't know "assholes". Amazing! I'd never seen anything like it, and every time he did it - I laughed more and more... somehow we all left a great impression, and it was one of the better parties 2006 had to offer.

So please, whenever you think of it - spread the love. Next time you reach for the "little knife" that you use to cut up some hand-held snackable cheese... remember:



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