06 April, 2010

Stories that you just can't make up

These kinds of stories are best. I also really appreciate when there's someone you know who can really tell a story with enthusiasm and flair - one that hooks you in and keeps you in. Anyways, yeah. Stories you can't make up. Heaps interesting, and cool.

A mate of mine once told me he'd come into possession of a mammoth horn... or like a tusk, or some shit. It was engraved, and apparently genuine. He'd been given it by a friend's dad - as I recall, in the hopes he could get it up on Ebay, and get a good price.

What the fuck is a good price for a mammoth horn? Why didn't the dad just put it up on Ebay himself?

Well, apparently the guy just wasn't sure how to use ebay, so he'd handed it to this pal of mine. And also, i think he was hoping for the horn to sell for somewhere around the $30,000 mark... Thirty thousand dollars, for a genuine Mammoth's tusk. With runic engravings! Thirty thousand.

WHAT? Yeah. Mammoth Tusk.

That story, whilst not one with a beginning, middle & end - had to be true. Why would anyone make that up, unless they wanted to seem completely crazy?

I fucken love stories like that.

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