13 April, 2010


Flamingos, man. Look at these guys soar!

They're such great, majestic creatures. So slender and fancy... badasses. Plus, they can live for a really long time. They just hang out, looking fancy and just being cool guys all day long... what a life! Plus they're "hot pink" and have an awesome name. I realize, if they were in human form, they'd be gay Spanish salsa dancers.... but still. That could be badass.

Here's another thing, though. So, in Adelaide - there's this Zoo.. its OK i guess, just kind of unimpressive when up against the zoo heavyweights of the world. Anyways, what the Adelaide zoo DOES have, is one very, very old Flamingo. He's 79, blind, and has lived at Adelaide zoo since the 1930s.

Anyways, like 2 years ago - some dickless piece of shit breaks into the Zoo and beats up the Flamingo! What the hell man? Who the fuck are you? Beating up a flamingo? What could it have possibly done to you? Man, if I ever see that kid I'm going to beat his Dad up in front of him.

Other than that, Flamingos are spot on. Well done, Flamingos.

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