06 July, 2010

Stephen Root rules

Stephen Root is one of my favourite comedic character actors. He's a champ. This is arguably his most famous performance.

Fucken Milton from Office Space. This movie is one of the most underrated - or deserving of cult status or whatever - of all time. Milton is the most memorable character in the whole thing, and the one who ultimately wins out. Milton rules. If you haven't seen this movie GO AND SEE IT RIGHT NOW. Its awesome.

Also this:

Bill Dauterive. Yeah yeah, another "I love King of the Hill" post, but seriously - some of the most clever shit that's ever happened on TV, let alone on FOX. More consistent than all of the "Big Players" in the TV Family-Animation game.

Bill is Hank's pathetic best friend, and the lonely bachelor of the group you famously see standing in the alley drinking beer. He's a military man, an Army Barber actually - and is known for his willingness to go along with anything. He's also Cajun. The episode where he joins a Hippie commune is just gold.

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  1. Duuude no shit.. Office Space freaking rules. Totally took it as my philosophy anytime I'm stuck in a 9-5 job. Genius! :)