20 July, 2010


This Archangel has a flaming sword. No wonder people believe in these crazy bastards. They're probably worried that if they don't, they'll get a flaming sword upside the head!

The concept of the "Wrath of God" is incredible. Its probably not going to "get you" but watch out for it, anyway. These guys would be his soldiers, or something. Epic. So not only do these guys get to fly around all over the place, but they get to wield flaming swords. Bad luck, Satan. I'm not sure you can top that.

1 comment:

  1. Typical artistic license. I always figured angels were more like Hannibal Lector than Conan the Barbarian. They'd start talking and get all up in your head and soon you'd be braiding your own noose. Or maybe Fabio up there would just throw a mountain at you from a mile away. Angels shouldn't be painted to look "kinda intimidating"; they should give you nightmares for years. In the Bible they're described like Slender Man minus his playful disposition.