15 July, 2010

Total Badasses: Roy Orbison

Roy Orbison is, in my opinion - perhaps a little under-appreciated by the youth of today. In the early '60s, most male musicians put forth a macho, masculine persona. Orbison instead portrayed a quiet, desperate, lonely character.

He nailed it on most occasions, too - with some huge hits in "I Drove All Night", "Oh, Pretty Woman", and "Only The Lonely". Great tracks, absolutely timeless. Plus, he just looks and sings like a fucking badass. What woman wouldn't swoon over THIS guy?:

Timeless. Here's my favourite track of Roy's, the very last single he released before his heart-attack and subsequent death in 1988. For some reason the idea he died shortly after, makes this song all the more tender. :)

Roy Orbison - You Got It


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