19 July, 2010

The Phantom

The Phantom, is perhaps a fairly underrated total badass, for a few reasons. First, look at his ring. Badass. He leaves you with his mark after he punches you. Second, the Phantom is set in "the jungle". The jungle rules. Third, his reputation. Check it out:

The Phantom is the lone survivor of an invaded ship, which wrecked on a "Bengallan" beach. After the slaughter of his father and entire crew by Pirates, he swore to perpetually fight against piracy, greed, injustice.... and took on the Phantom persona.

His son, and then grandson in turn adopted the Phantom identity, earning the nicknames "The Man Who Cannot Die" (Boom), "Guardian of the Eastern Dark" (Boom) and "The Ghost Who Walks" (Boom), with many Bengallans believing him to be immortal.

The guy just strikes fear into anyone plotting to do any shady "Jungle Business". He doesn't even have any real superpowers... Just pistols and rings.

Genius. I never know what's going on when I see the daily strip, but now I'm going to try and "follow it" for a while.


  1. One of the absolute classics of comicdom. A legend of action and adventure. Underrated and under-appreciated, The Phantom is the ultimate unsung badass!

  2. Fourth, Billy Zane.

    Nah, that movie seemed like it was terrible. I can't remember.