08 July, 2010

Storms. BOTH kinds.

Ok, so Storms. Storms are badass. This Storm-themed post has a couple of tendrils, just like the Ice post. Here's the first tendril:

Just a fucking powerful, fearsome bit of weather. Look at that guy, just looming over the little farmstead. Get the fuck out of the way of that fucking storm! Treacherous. Merciless. Unrelenting. Storm.

I think its really just the word "storm" that gets me going, man - such a badass term for "inclement weather".

Second Tendril:

Fucken SANDSTORM, man. Check that shit out! Sand everywhere, coming from all angles. You'd get so disorientated and lost in there, man. Crazy. That's the kind of shit that will give you "Desert Madness" quicker than a hiccup. Plus, your accuracy would greatly fall.

Yeah, Sandstorm. Deal with it.

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