20 July, 2010

Guys, Cheap Trick!

Hey, so chalk Cheap Trick down to being one of the greatest "oh... THAT song!" bands ever. Nobody really seems to remember the fact that they strung together 5 pretty fucking solid hits during their time (their "heyday" was around '74 - '88). They're also pretty well known for 4 decades of near-continuous touring.

They're still playing now, actually. Just incredibly well tightened, cheesy powerful pop-rock. Anyways, If I played you any of their charting songs, you'd recognize them... But here's my personal favourite:

Cheap Trick - Dream Police

Man, isn't that just the "essence" of Rock N' Roll for that period? Just such a simple chord arrangement and a pure, simple melody. So melody driven. So rad.

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  1. Rick Nielsen is a cool guy. He once told Rolling Stone he was having a customised boom box made of balsa wood that would have been the size of a small coffin. Man that woulda been cool.