22 July, 2010

Wind Power

Another two-pronged post, this time we're tackling the supreme power of wind! Yes, wind. The "Silent Overlord" or something epic to that effect. WHOOOOSSSSHHHHHHHH!

First prong: Boom, wind farms, bro. Renewable energy source. One that was so obvious, we should all be doing an earth-wide facepalm right now. These things are so badass and futuristic, I just can't even wait 'til they're everywhere. Like, EVERYWHERE. It'd be like some wussy (but still awesome) version of the Bladerunner universe.

The future, or at least a cool-looking minor part of it, would have arrived. Wind farms. They're the good guys. They don't want to cause any trouble.

This guy probably does want to cause some trouble. Second prong: Wind Power sorcerer. Or "Wind Wizard" - because that sounds pretty great, too. Look at this cool motherfucker. With a flail of his magic hands, he can control the wind to do his bidding. Look at him go!

Man, I'd bring about the doom of mankind, if it meant I could come back as some sort of Wind Wizard. Just in case I already am one, I'm going to try and "close the door" from where I'm sitting.


It didn't work.

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