07 July, 2010

Rocket Sled!

Dude, Rocket Sled!

Ever wanted to break the land speed record? Sure you have! Ever wanted to watch something go 10,325km/h? Me too! Lets buy a Rocket Sled, bro!

Also, this:

Joseph Kittinger, man. He did the coolest shit ever possible. He put on a flight suit, went 102,800 feet in the air (high enough to see that the Earth is indeed a sphere) in a hot air balloon... and then leaped out.

It was the highest, fastest, and longest skydive ever. By a country mile. On the way down, he experienced incredible G-Forces (see above), and went through the sound barrier.... except he wasn't "in" anything. No vehicle. That's incredible.

He totally lived to tell the tale.

In conclusion, This:

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