08 March, 2010


Ice rules. I will try and convince you of this, in this three-headed post. First head. Check out this ice:

This ice has gone bright blue, for some reason. That's awesome. Really just because the 'cartoon' version of what ice looks like, is founded on the occurrence of actual electric blue ice. Why is it so blue? Is it "extra cold" or something? Help me out here.

Ok, so second head:

Fucken blizzards, man. Treacherous. If I was to pick a natural disaster I'd NEVER like to find myself caught in - I'd definitely choose a blizzard. Keep me away from that shit. Treacherous.

Third head: Ice cubes.

You put them in your drinks, and its great. Definitely make sure you have these available in your house, at all times. Both my girlfriend and Luxury Wolf DON'T keep ice cubes, despite the fact they have freezers. Waste of a perfectly good "chilled drinks" opportunity, if you ask me.


  1. Hey! we do so have icecubes in our freezer; we just can't open the freezer door to get them!

  2. dude that's so cool it's rocking the kelvins. I don't know what that is.. but that's freaking cool maaan.