20 March, 2010

Animal Collectives

Ok, so this is always an "adorable little conversation". Credit goes to J-Bags for this gem of an idea. There are so many great collective names for members of the animal kingdom. I was thinking, how amazing would it be if there was just one guy that came up with all of these? Like some sort of old English Zooliterary master? That would rule. Anyways, dick with this:

So a herd of antelope, pride of lions... a pod of dolphins, etc.. thats fine and all. But there are a few which are a bit more spectacular.

A lounge of lizards
A murder of crows
A parliament of owls
A mischief of mice

and a blessing of unicorns.

yeah, bro.


  1. How about a "destruction of wild cats"? That's pretty bitchin.

    Cats are a weird one; you can have colonies, populations or clowders of cats. All of them sound like cats have a Super Night Army with which they will conquer the world.

    Here's more (just select the letter that begins the animal's name and off you go!): http://www.askoxford.com/asktheexperts/collective/?view=uk

  2. amazing. I'm such a fan of cats - they're total "kings of the night" or something. Destruction... such an insanely cool collective word. I'd love to invent a term and have it officially recognized by, i dunno macquarie or something. :)

  3. where was my shoutout! totally ripped off. Last time I give you a good idea