19 March, 2010

Pairs of "Things"

Ok, so this one is a little strange, but I'll do my best to describe what I'm talking about. So there are things, in the spectrum of history's "content" - written, visual, audible... there are alot of combinations of 2 things in there. Here's some great ones, to give you an idea:

Milk & Honey
Lennon & McCartney
Spaghetti & Meatballs
Mischief & Mayhem
Fire & Ice
Salt & Pepper
Rogers & Hammerstein
Iron & Wine
Venus & Mars
Heckle & Jeckle
Jekyll & Hyde
Bacon & Eggs
Shoes & Socks
Chalk & Cheese
Fire & Brimstone
Sonny & Cher
Martin & Lewis
Bert & Ernie
Peaches & Cream

Ok, so with the help of some very clever readers, we've come up with all of those. But have finally run out of ideas. Except for one. This is the greatest one ever, I'm pretty sure. Please, dear readers - feel free to offer me some more, I'll definitely add them to the list (as long as they're actual ones). Anyways: here we go - the best pairing of words in the history of the English language.


Do with that what you will.


  1. piss & vinegar!
    nicotene & gravy!
    chalk & cheese!
    fire & brimstone!
    Captain & Tennielle ... ???

  2. bert and ernie!

    peaches and cream!

    kings and queens!

    shits and giggles!

  3. Ice & snow
    Venus & Mars
    Ned & Stacey
    Country & western
    Big & tall
    Beauty & brains
    Delicious & nutritious
    Surf & turf
    Bacon & eggs
    Maple syrup & anything
    Cain & Abel
    Question Mark & The Mysterians
    Shoes & socks
    Sid & Nancy

    Heckle & Jeckle
    Jekyll & Hyde

  4. Debbie S says (these are a reflection of my age):
    Pixie and Dixie
    Fred and Barney
    Ozzie and Harriet
    Ham and Pineapple
    Steak and Kidney
    Abbott and Costello
    Hope and Crosby
    Lucy and Ricky
    Lewis and Martin
    Johnson and Johnson
    Sabin and Salk
    Sonny and Cher