01 March, 2010

"World Number One"

Being the "world number one" in anything is downright awesome. Roger and Tiger are good examples, but the lesser known ones are the ones which are really badass. For example, the third guy there is Magnus Carlsen, who is the world number one in chess right now. Chess. So badass. Imagine thinking to yourself, "I am world number one in chess, I can beat every person in the world in chess". World number one.

There are probably some even more awesome ones. Like board games. Imagine being world number one in "Monopoly". Would that be badass? I think it would. You'd read a story about how the world number one Monopoly player was "recruited" by a big corporation, because somehow his or her Monopoly skills transfer to real life.

I want to be world number one in something, no matter how seemingly insignificant. Its such a cool concept.

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