04 March, 2010

Hey everyone! Synesthesia!!!

Ok, so Synesthesia is really, really cool. Basically; its a neurological condition which people experience a secondary sensory response to an event that normally, would only elicit a response from a single sense.

Ok, that sentence kind of sucked, so here we go with a more specific description. "Feeling light waves touch your skin" - not heat, light. "Reading/writing in Colour"... "Hearing phantom music when the wind blows over you" - shit like that.

People that have this, think of the world in such incredible ways. Its like some sort of awesome "gift from god" or some shit. And the people with this condition sometimes only discover they're experiencing life any differently until it comes up in conversation! Cool.

Why doesn't everything engage the senses at a higher level? It would be so awesome and enjoyable (for a while, at least).

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  1. in year 12 psychology, we studied cases of american teens feeling colours as emotions, but not visa versa. the fucked up thing was, they had no concept of what colours were, just the feelings they got from them. for example, on one of the case study videos, they were being interviewed as to what colours were in the rainbow. it went something like -
    "what is this one?' - "hate"
    "what about this?" - "jealousy"
    "and this?" - "love"

    I remember being scared as balls!