25 March, 2010


I've always had a soft spot for the Stegosaurus. I always thought the duel between the Mother Stegosaur and the Tyrannosaur in Fantasia was pretty boss - the Mama, defending her young, put up quite a decent effort against the terrifying T-Rex.

Anyways, the Stegosaurus is the armour-themed guy in the Dinosaur kingdom, and has a few awesome mechanisms to enable it to survive. One of which is the obvious back plates, which not only look cool, but allow them to take "heaps more damage" than their other herbivorous colleagues.

But they also have that wicked spike arrangement on the tail! That thing is cool. Its called a "Thagomizer" which is cool, too. Imagine being clobbered by that thing! It would hurt so fucking much. I want the Stegosauri on my team, bro.

This is that same scenario, played out by the fucking DINORIDERS. *flexes*


  1. HA! I used to have them Dinoriders.. fuck they ruuuled!

  2. Now I know why I have a soft spot too for the Stegosaurus; that moment in Fantasia...