13 March, 2010

Dennis Nedry

This is the third post in the series detailing the 1993 movie juggernaut: "Jurassic Park". Here are the others.

Nedry rules. Played by Wayne Knight (Newman) - who expertly delivers a clear cut, menacing performance as the only human antagonist in the movie. This fact is awesome, because he and the movie's protagonist (Dr. Alan Grant) never appear in a scene or even a single frame together.

Also - alot of people don't realize this, but Samuel L. Jackson appears in most of Nedry's scenes, with one of his more measured, subtle, and completely convincing performances. But enough about SLJ.. Dennis Nedry, man. Nedry topples the first domino, by switching off the security system - which sets the entire Isla Nublar into chaos. Yeah!

5. John Hammond: "I don't blame people for their mistakes, but I do ask that they pay for them."
Nedry: "Thanks, Dad."

4. [scrambles on the ground] "My glasses... [getting up] ...I can afford MORE glasses!"

3. [To a Dilophosaur] "No wonder you're extinct."

2. "Dodgson! We have Dodgson here!... See? Nobody Cares."

1. "Uh, uh, uh, you didn't say the magic word!"


  1. Yay!!! More Nedry fans!!!! Dennis Nedry is definitely the best character in Jurassic Park. And it's true: Nedry and Grant never appear in a scene together. Makes you wonder what would happen if they were to meet up: the film's villain vs. the film's hero.

  2. I love how much Nedry "underestimated" the island - despite knowing so much about it. His scene with the Dilophosaur is so great... he treats it like a dog.. :)