10 March, 2010

Soldier for the Working Week

"The Simpsons" is a topic which hasn't yet been breached. For a few reasons.... a) because the internet is already full of Simpsons stuff, and nobody would care - and b) because The Simpsons probably really sucks still.

However, even if I'm only willing to acknowledge Seasons-2-through-11.... Homer Simpson is nonetheless one of pop cultures most glorious triumphs... The guy is more famous than Michael Jackson and the Queen of England for Christ's sake. I'll show you why everybody loves him so much.

Holy fuck. When I first saw this, it blew my mind. There's so much of an "untold story" when it comes to Homer, and this little piece makes him look like a total Hero. So, not only has Groening and his writers managed to create a character who stands for every white working class person in the western world- they've managed to make him hilarious, and incredibly multidimensional. Homer is a soldier for the working week. Cool.

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