01 March, 2010

Silver Bullets

Silver Bullets rule. They're like... the only way to slay a Werewolf, not to mention the most stylish way ever, to slay anything!

There are also stories of a Bulletproof Witch, who needed to have silver rounds pumped through her in order to die. "Bulletproof Witch" - nice.

Also, the term "Silver Bullet" has been adopted as a common turn of phrase, referring to the solution of a problem with extreme effectiveness... You refer to a "Silver Bullet" being a very easy, albeit hypothetical solution - usually technological - to the problem.

So, in a problem solving situation, skipping the "hard work" to solve it, you'd look for a Silver Bullet solution, which would require a lot less work.

(I guess Werewolves were a complex problem, with an easy solution... Silver Bullets!)

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