15 March, 2010

Total Badasses: Vegeta

Vegeta totally rules, man. He's the prince of the fallen Saiyan race, and just an incredibly, incredibly tough and angry dude. Check out his "Widows Peak". He has this awesome special attack named the "Garlic Gun" (?) and also became a Super-Saiyan during the battle with the "Red Ribbon Army" (pow!). They're badasses, too. Anyways, shit really hits the fan when you become a Super-Saiyan, believe me.

The great thing about Dragonball Z, is how motherfucking hard it rocks out. Its like one of those guys in a music store who just doesn't care that he's been shredding on an SG (that he has no intention to buy) for 20 minutes straight. Except with incredibly fast paced and outlandish action sequences as well. Cool.

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