31 March, 2010

J.K Simmons

JK Simmons rules! He's "that guy" in like... every movie ever. I love guys like that! - Simmons is totally one of the kings of bit-part acting, always leaves you pretty impressed, and wondering "what's that guy's name?".

Spiderman, Burn After Reading, Party Down, Law & Order, the Yellow M&M from the commercials, Oz, I Love You Man, Thankyou For Smoking, Arrested Development... he's got such an amazing rapsheet!

Anyways - I await the day the guy picks up a "best supporting actor" gong at the Oscars, or something. It should happen someday.

PS: Everybody should watch "Party Down".


  1. HE'S THE YELLOW M&M!? fuck damn that's trippy! seriously.. that made my week!