05 March, 2010

Wholesome Fun #3

Board games! Board games are totally wicked. They're such a pure "box full of fun". All you need is your buds and a sweet board game and your night is totally set. They should totally become a new "fad". Instead of going out and binge drinking, the Australian youth should have some fuckin' fun with board games.

When I was a young boy, my family bought this obscure board game called "Escape the Blob", and to this day I have such great memories of it. Basically each player was one of these little coloured alien balls, on an alien planet. Each player had to survive the longest without being eaten by the evil Blob. It was a simple "roll the dice and move so many spaces" kinda game, but my family played the shit out of it. So great. I miss it.

I could totally get into more "advanced" board games. Check this out. How much do you just wanna "play" that:

Board games rule.

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