30 March, 2010


Royalty rules. (pun!) There are so many great names for different kinds of leaders/royal people. They conjure such powerful images, and just kind of sound epic and intimidating. Check these guys out:

King, Emperor, Empress, Thane, Pope, Alderman, Pharaoh, Daimo, Shogun, Imperator, Stratigos, Margreave, Duke, Archduke, Czar, Chieftain, Rajah, fucken Maharajah, Sultan, Caliph, Vizer, Huscarl, Earl, Baron, Kaiser, Mayor, Count, Viscount - the list goes on!

Or does it?


  1. Thane.. that's always the one that tripped me out. Is that the freaked out Viking one? cause if so that'd be kickarse.

  2. I think its celtic... i'm not sure though. I'll check!