26 March, 2010


Greed - "the ultimate enemy". Greed is the best antagonist ever. Its such a simple, but such an epic theme to deal with in movies. Macbeth, Citizen Kane, Wall Street - all great examples. Here are some other ones I'm a big fan of:

Think about it, greed was what made Carl Denham bring Kong to New York City. Then obviously the monkey got free, smashed some stuff, climbed a building - it was a disaster. If they hadn't been so greedy and tried to make money off of nature, Kong would still be on that "mysterious island". Fucken greed, man.

Greed was what made John Hammond stretch his scientific ambition until it tore. He expresses that as a child, he ran a little sideshow - a flea circus. Adorable, but it was the reaction he got from the children and passersby, which led him to the destructive course of scientific exploration he took. Hammond got too greedy, too ambitious.

Greed pushed Jafar to steal the lamp and imprison Aladdin. It was also greed which brought him down - with Jafar deciding the only way to become as powerful as he desired, was to become a genie too. Awesome ending to that movie.

Greed, man. Suggest me some more movies where greed is the "real" villain. :)

Greed. is. good. - Gordon Gekko

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