11 February, 2010

"Achieving Goals"

Setting targets and then "getting to them" is awesome stuff. I've recently taken to setting useful New Year's Resolutions, and putting a concerted effort into making them happen. Last year it was "lose 10kg" and "never eat fast food".

I got them done, and I haven't looked back. This year its "never drink sugary soda drinks" and so far I've stuck to it. I'm also going to "save $2000"... that one will be a little harder. Next year I'm going to learn to do a "backflip" - cos that's a party trick that would rock the house.

Still - I can't recommend this kind of stuff enough. Achieving goals is great fun. "setting your mind to something" is a really healthy thing to do, I think. I will strive to keep it up.

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  1. this is one of my favourites. such a "purely good-themed" post.

    -luxury wolf