08 February, 2010

Brock Lesnar is cool

Brock Lesnar is the scariest, most intimidating, and most bad-ass man on the face of the earth. As I mentioned in this post, during his WWE run - he was a massive rising star. He very quickly became the biggest dog on WWE (never a successful "good guy" character though) - won his championship belts, realized how strong and fucken unstoppable he was, and moved to the fastest-growing sport of the last decade, Mixed Martial Arts. MMA kicks ass, obviously.

Even more quickly than his "predetermined outcomes" career, and using his amazing physique, and top-notch amateur wrestling ability - he became UFC Champion. He remains champion to this day, and has incredible bouts ahead of him and is making more scratch than he ever did hitting people with chairs.

Check out that fucken sword on his chest, man. DO NOT FUCK WITH THIS MAN. :D

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