08 February, 2010

Different "factions" in a war

How awesome is it, when in fantasy, different "factions" or races come together and unify against a common foe? So awesome.

They would all have different skills and abilities and strengths, and they would all be badass to watch or read about; for example, there would be a tree-dwelling race who might be awesome at long-range combat, then there'd be a beach-dwelling race/faction who would be awesome at maces and morning stars, then there'd be like, a race of lizard dudes who would come out of the sea and wield tridents.

In the "Redwall" series of books, every woodland race was its own faction, and it was awesome. There were the otters, who used javelins, the squirrels, who hid in trees and used bows, and the moles who usually used clubs. The shrews had their own guerilla corps.

The factions would all "unify" together and support each other using their various strengths. There would usually be a hero who would have to help out a particular faction by doing a quest for them before they agree to help out.

Anyway, the point is, specialised races and factions are awesome, especially when they fight together. Yeah!

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