12 February, 2010

Total Badasses: Shere'Khan

So the Jungle Book has been mentioned before, but this post will serve as the first of many - profiling our favourite badasses throughout the history of the screen. I'm nominating Shere'Khan. Watch him interrupt this lovely "friendship" song:

What a suave, cool guy. So scary, too. That baritone voice sends shivers down my 8-year-old self's spine. Considering how old this movie is, I think the cat-form George Sanders gives cat-form Jeremy Irons a run for his money (Irons was the voice of 'Scar' in the Lion King, duh.)

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  1. you know when we watched fantasia, and i said seeing those "Pegasi" flying was the best thing i'd ever done with my life?
    Well, this was better. ALOT better.

  2. also, that pack of vultures bares a striking resemblance to The Beatles. apparently, Epstein was approached by disney about the project. check out the "development" section of the jungle book wikipedia -


    THATS cool, man.