15 February, 2010


Ok, so remember Diablo 2? Remember how awesome that game was, and how addictive it was to level up your dude and collect loot that slowly got awesomer and awesomer? Torchlight is a new game that is like Diablo, but without all the convoluted plot and theme.

Torchlight is a "little adventure", that keeps all the leveling up and loot collecting that made Diablo-esque games fun, and strips everything else. How fuckin' cool is that concept?

All you do, is descend into a massive underground dungeon, filled with level after level of awesome enemies, who are all actually piňatas filled with loot. Your character is one of three archetypes.

By the way, how cool are "fantasy archetypes"? You've got the fighter, the rogue, and the mage. Who needs anything else? That is so simple and classic. Get out of here with your "Blood-lock Destroyer Knightmage". Play a friggin' rogue or somethin'.

Your character gets to have a pet, too -- an awesome idea. Although this time its not a "badass demon or elemental", its a cat or a dog. Yep, once again, how simple and awesome is that? I chose a cat.

So I'm playing a Rogue, and her name is "Eden" (is that a cool name for a girl?) and my cat's name is "Galahad". Come on, thats a fuckin' cool name for a cat!

Love this game.

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