03 February, 2010

Hard Target rules

"Hard Target" is one of the most underrated action movies ever. It was John Woo's first Hollywood film and it seems all but forgotten now. First off, Van Damme (who also never gets the respect he deserves for being a badass) plays a total badass cajun, with an amazing name. Chance Boudreaux. I shit you not. His first name is "Chance".

It all takes place in New Orleans so its really picturesque and there's a sweet "lazy" guitar soundtrack. The plot is pretty standard action fare with a criminal syndicate who are involved with a human hunting ring. The syndicate is headed by the most badass of them all, Mr. Lance Henriksen. Hell yes.

Other than that, the movie features motorcycles, snakes, white doves flying stylishly into the air, diners, crossbows and Van Damme kicking ass.

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