14 February, 2010


Ok - so this isn't going to be one of those "space images make great desktop wallpaper" posts, but here's something I think is cool.

Here's the Milky Way. We live here. And that is pretty awesome stuff, right there.

Now, we know some stuff about the Milky Way, and how it works, due to the magic of science. We kind of know what the Milky Way's "deal" is. Just because its the closest thing to us.

Now, check this out:

The fucken Horsehead nebula. Compared to our own solar system, i think we (mankind) know about as much as a dog knows about driving a car, about this place. This little pocket of the Orion nebula.... Its within the Milky Way there, somewhere. I think.

Imagine what kind of "activities" are going on over here - physically and biologically. Imagine what "day to day life" would be like somewhere that epic and crazy.

What i do know, is that the Horsehead nebula is a "dark nebula" (pow!) - which means it is a kind of interstellar cloud, which obscures things behind it, or blocks out background stars. Thats awesome, man.

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