23 February, 2010

Plague Doctors

So, the Black Death. While not exactly "cool" (it killed hundreds of millions of people), it certainly was "powerful". Consuming Europe in the 14th century, the disease was thought to be God's wrath due to the sin of mankind (whoa... heavy).

To determine who was diseased and who wasn't, these morbid motherfuckers were sent from home to home, inspecting potential victims of the plague.

Imagine one of these beaky dudes in a wide-brimmed black hat striding through your door in the 14th century, cane in hand. You'd be both in awe and petrified.

Apparently the beak was a kind of early gas mask, designed to direct the plague away from the doctor's face, instead directing it onto his stark black robe.

I want to go as one on Halloween. Badass.

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