04 February, 2010

Let me tell you about this guy

Let me tell you about this guy.

It's a guy I see almost every day, almost always in the same place -- outside a coffee shop near my work. I can't tell if this guy is deranged, or actually incredibly enlightened about something.

On the outside he looks like an ordinary guy -- mid twenties, early thirties. Dirty, shoulder length hair. He always has a shirt with the top buttons undone, although a couple times he was wearing a suit(!).

The guy just looks intense all the time. Like he has this look on his face like he's seen what Hell or Heaven looks like, or something. He's always looking around at the world. One day I saw him walk into the middle of traffic, stand there for about thirty seconds, and just gaze at the sky.

One day, I saw him standing in the middle of a group of people waiting to cross the road. He looked at the people around him, eyes agape; then, without any indication why, he put his index fingers up to his forehead, like little horns. Why. Would. He. Do. That.

The thing about him is, if he's crazy, he's not a generic, loud crazy man. He doesn't bring attention to himself -- he's always either just sitting down, looking at the world, or walking around aimlessly.

Fascinating guys are interesting. Just what is their "deal"?

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