05 February, 2010

Antonov AN-225 NATO Reporting Name: Cossack

The Russians build these sweet Aeroplanes to carry around their space shuttles (space shuttles are already pretty big). Speaking of space shuttles - how cool is the idea of the "space race"? way cool. The idea that the Americans REALLY wanted to beat the Russians into space, and then onto the moon (and vice versa), is incredible.

Despite the animosity between nations at the time - I still think having a scientific rivalry is amazingly badass. The other thing I love about the video below, is that there are "engineering enthusiasts" chattering about behind the camera - they're just normal dudes/nerds that really wanted to see this cool maiden flight of a sweet aeroplane.

What a fucking big plane. Would love for it to "fly over me" while I'm standing on the ground.

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