04 February, 2010

Old videogame coverart rules

Man, just how much awesome can you fit into one picture? Just look at that top one: you've got some kind of evil overlord, a robot warrior, AND a freaking dinosaur. Such an amazing clash of archetypes.

The second features some kind of epic warrior, riding a partially robotic crocodile thing, being attacked by a modern fighter jet. It's like what "awesome" would look like inside the mind of a thirteen year old kid, but a really awesome "classic" kid, not some generic modern kid who wears baggy shorts and listens to "Slipknot".

The third cover's game is called "Monster Business". That is just fantastic -- that construction helmet dude obviously has some kind of "business" with those monsters, even if it is just "shooting them".

I miss old game coverart.

1 comment:

  1. Monster Business may well be the best name/concept for a videogame ever.