16 February, 2010

Japanese Spider Crabs

Look at the potential size of these fuckers. My god. Scary as all hell. And they're real, too. Imagine one "making its way into your room" while you're sleeping... (thanks to Mad Man Mark for the tip)

Side note - "Deep Sea Gigantism" is pretty much the coolest thing I've ever heard of. Google search that shit. Apparently there's distances in the ocean that mankind have never sent anything down to explore. Like, ever. So there's heaps of outlandish creatures down there, than can survive super, super high pressure/low temperatures. Those guys are probably badasses.


  1. THIS is why i didnt go swimming on australia day -


    The biggest one they've found intact is 1/16 the size of some they think exist. They found the beak of a colossal squid in the stomach of a whale, and it dwarfed anything that had been previously found.

  2. hahaha fucking hell. and the whale defeated it!!!! jesus.

  3. since someone beat me to being the first to film a giant squid, the past couple of years I've dreamt of being the first to film a colossal squid. Those bastards are equipped with swiveling hooks. SWIVELING HOOKS!!! that's a blog in itself.

  4. fucking hell - swivelling hooks?!


    i'm in.