16 February, 2010

Imperial Eggs

I really wish people still valued "excessive luxury". One of the ultimate examples of old-school excessive luxury were the jewelled eggs that the Russian Imperial family had made for them at the turn of the last century. Why were they made? Because they are an example of utter luxury and materialistic beauty.

Each egg was meticulously made for the Imperial family by the House of Faberge, with each egg taking months to create. Their designer, Peter Carl FabergĂ©, was actually officially given the title ‘goldsmith by special appointment to the Imperial Crown’, which is the coolest title ever.

Just marvel at this description of their craftsmanship:

"The egg is made from gold, enamelled translucent lime yellow on a guilloche field of starbursts, referencing the cloth-of-gold robe worn by the Tsarina at her Coronation.

It is trellised with bands of greenish gold laurel leaves mounted at each intersection by a gold Imperial double-headed eagle enamelled opaque black, and set with a rose diamond on its chest. This pattern was also drawn from the Coronation robe worn by the Empress.

A large portrait diamond is set in the top of the egg within a cluster of ten brilliant diamonds"

The best part? Each egg was said to hold a "surprise" inside, usually in the form of a quaint figurine, like a little hen, or sometimes a gem of some kind.

Man, I want one so bad.

1 comment:

  1. A "portrait" diamond in a cluster of 10 "brilliant" diamonds.... excess at it's best. Imagine a world in which that egg fucking HATCHES. What an amazing baby would be inside!!!!