21 February, 2010

Total Badasses: Steely Dan

Generally I would be reluctant to put a '70s musical act (that isn't KISS) in the "Total Badasses" series, but I feel Steely Dan have a case to be made for it. First off, listen to this amazing, smooth track:

Steely Dan - Do It Again


The duo were bastards, apparently. Incredible perfectionists, and huge on "doing it right or not doing it at all" in the studio. I think they tore through 11 engineers and like 40 session musicians, or something, before finishing their final album before breaking up. Eventually they got back together and toured (they were mostly-studio-based prior to this) and got incredible press for their live show.

Also, they're named after a strap-on dildo. That's a terrifyingly awesome thing to name your band after. Especially when they sound like this ^^. Fuck yeah!

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