26 February, 2010

Millennium Falcon

Ok, empty your mind. Star Wars doesn't exist right now. Empty brain, think of nothing. Blank canvas, people.

Now, just say these two words:

"Millennium Falcon".

The Millennium Falcon is awesome. I'm not even THAT big a Star Wars fan, but seriously - its the coolest. I'd love to be a "crew member" of it. Its great that in the Star Wars universe, its old and clunky, even though it so obviously kicks ass. They're always needing to "fix something" on it, and always make fun of it. Cool.

Also, Lucas has admitted that the design is "inspired by a Hamburger"... the cockpit being an "olive" on the side. Check this out:

Somebody has drawn up some "blueprints" for a fictional spacecraft, which was based on a hamburger! What a champ! Nerds are awesome at "spending their time on things".


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