23 February, 2010

Attache Cases!

"Long before the advent of the laptop computer bag, many professionals carried an attache case. Often referred to as a briefcase, the attache case provided both a practical and attractive means of carrying important paperwork from one location to another. The range of professions that made regular use of attache cases ranged from traveling salespeople to attorneys and corporate executives all the way through to high school teachers and college professors. Essentially, any profession that may require dealing with paperwork in various venues would benefit from the use of the attache case."

These motherfuckers are so cool. Especially the ones with no handles. Nothing says "I'm gonna rape you on the stock market" than one of these pure leather babies under a professional dude's arm. Screw briefcases.

I mostly just love the fact that one can keep all one's most important files and paperwork in a beautiful leather "folio". "Professional elite" -- is that cool?.

PS. Some of these babies go over the one thousand dollar mark.

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